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We are succeeding admirably by sheer force of integrity and a solid record of service delivery.

Our Service

Affiliate Marketing

We’ve grown to over 200 affiliate marketers and net specialists ready and willing to drive the stampeding herds right to your doorstep.  Just let us know your program by email here and we’ll set our team to the task.  Having our team working for you means you just need to cut one check when the traffic is delivered, we’ll do the rest.

Human Intelligence Tasking

These are semi-automated tasks that require a human eye and human judgment to be entirely effective.  We can take bulk orders for various tasks, such as transcription or translation services from French, Romanian, German, Arabic, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and a few other languages into native-sounding English.

You can also post them to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk system and our specialists can take them from there.

Send us an inquiry to see if we can help your business in this manner.

Content Creation

Original content to bulk up your website is more needed than ever with the new SEO rules, and we have the specialists to help you in nearly every aspect of this.  Specialists with access to millions of stock images, photographers and models for more specialized tasks, and content writers for anything from humor, technical, and even adult-oriented websites.

All content is delivered safe and secure through our escrow services.  The customer doesn’t pay until their content is delivered to spec, and the content creator is guaranteed payment upon satisfactory delivery.

Send us an inquiry with your specific requirements and we’ll give you an estimate and match you to one or more of our almost 100 content creation specialists as needed.

3D Modelers

We’ve taken on two major contracts for video game outsourcing recently and have immediate need for the following:

  • 3-D Graphic Artist (we’ll request portfolio)
  • Web database programmer (always hiring for this).  .Net experience is the primary requirement.
  • Voice Actors (requires audible English dictation skills, can be accented)
  • Community Managers (Troll forums for fun and profit!)

Contracts work along our standard “pay as you work” system.  Large tasks are broken down into jobs and payment is made for each as the submission requirements are met.  Work at your own pace from your home.  Incomplete jobs are returned to the “pool” after a short period and another partner can pick up the work and keep going.

About us

KB eMarketing is a family-owned business located right in America’s heartland. We are succeeding admirably by sheer force of integrity and a solid record of service delivery.

Our aim was to bring a little trust back to the web servicing industry, where an honest day’s pay is made for an honest job done. So far our business model has been incredibly successful, and we look forward to continued growth even in this normally brutal economy. Last year our team completed approximately half a million dollars in contracts, and we’re looking forward to more expansion going into 2015.

For our partners, we understand exactly the frustration of finding a reliable work force at a moment’s notice that can competently get the job done. For our client contractors, we know what its like to work and struggle and then find your pay delayed or missing. We work around the clock to ensure neither is an issue, and this is the key to our success story.

As you’ll notice, we don’t waste a lot of resources trying to sell you on things or giving meaningless estimates for fake service packages. We already enjoy a very good reputation in many circles and if you decide to inquire about our services, you’ll soon understand why. Looking forward to doing business with you.

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Get paid daily to work from home by direct deposit or Paxum.

We are hiring right now on a limited basis for 1099-MISC contract workers in the following areas:

Content Creators – Let us know in the field below your specific skill set as well as a link to your online portfolio.  We’ll be in touch shortly to let you know if you’ll be added to our list of content creators.  We’re always hiring for writers, graphic designers, web designers, translators, SEO specialists, photographers, and models.

HIT Workers – TEMPORARILY CLOSED.  If you have a good record and reputation with the Mechanical Turk or similar program, let us know you’re interested in joining our team.  As part of our team, you’ll enjoy the widest access to available and higher-paying tasks, as well as daily pay.  In your application below, please give us some idea of your HIT score and current specialties and qualifiers.

Affiliate Marketers – Are you good with product placement?  We’re hiring for affiliate accounts on several websites.  Simply drive the traffic with whitehat/blackhat tactics, make the conversions, and get paid daily.  In the application below, let us know any previous experience you have with this type of marketing.

Note about countries allowed:  We only accept applications from those residing in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, and E.U. countries excluding Eastern Europe at this time.  We may change our policy on this in the future depending on our ability to legitimately pay contractors outside of these countries.

 Note:  During the vetting process, you will be interviewed in person via Skype or other video chat to verify your ability to work as a US 1099 contractor.  Bots and scammers need not apply, you simply won’t get through.  We’ve had some very creative people try this and fail – don’t waste our time or yours.  Also, note that you are applying to work…you don’t get paid unless you put in the time and competently deliver in a professional manner.  This is not “get-rich-quick” nor necessarily “easy money”.

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